Dedicated to disinfection products for ten years


Dedicated to disinfection products for ten years

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Love to help students, Guilin Lifeng Company helps Lingchuan students to build their dreams and voyage!

"A century-old plan, education is the foundation." On September 4, Lingchuan Town held the award ceremony of the 2020 "Awarding and Aiding Thanksgiving Education" activity to encourage and subsidize outstanding students who have achieved excellent results in the high school and college entrance examinations this year.

Donation for education, awards and assistance are traditional virtues of our Chinese nation. As a national epidemic prevention material production and storage unit in Lingchuan Town, Guilin Lifeng Company has spared no effort to guarantee the production and reserves of epidemic prevention materials, and also does not forget to pass on love. Donate to school, light up students' dreams.

At the awarding ceremony, President Wang and President Liu of Guilin Lifeng Company awarded each of the 20 outstanding students who were admitted to the key universities in Lingchuan Town with 1,000 yuan each.

If you are young, you will be a country. I hope that the students will closely integrate their life ambitions with the development needs of the country and their hometown, with a love for the company, a responsibility to the society, a feeling for the country, and a heart of gratitude to study diligently on the university campus, and resolve to become talents. Change the destiny with outstanding achievements, light up the future, and return home and society.

Representatives of sponsored students admitted to Tsinghua University promised: in the future, they will work harder, chase dreams, study diligently, and use their practical actions to repay the society and serve the country.

Mrs. Wang and Mr. Liu of Guilin Lifeng Company took a group photo with outstanding students.

In 2020, Guilin Lifeng Company has taken many actions to support education, providing a large number of anti-epidemic materials such as disinfectant, hand-washing disinfectant gel, masks, etc. to many primary and secondary schools in the city to help healthy campuses. The company is not only a responsible, responsible, and grateful company. While ensuring its own steady development, it actively participates in the construction of a harmonious society. It also always cares about its employees and cares for their lives and even their families. Chairman Wang said: We will set up a "Lifeng Aid Pool" to reward outstanding children of employees or assist families in financial difficulties.

"As long as everyone gives a little love,

The world will become a better place",

As the song sings,

Although our little love may not illuminate the whole world

But on the way to promote positive social energy and spread love,

Guilin Lifeng is always in action!

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