Dedicated to disinfection products for ten years


Dedicated to disinfection products for ten years

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  • Skin disinfection
  • Environmental surface disinfection
  • Instrument cleaning and disinfection
  • Household disinfection
  • Other
  • OEM
  • One hundred thousand grade purification workshop

  • OEM production base

  • Advanced production equipment

  • Focus on R&D and production of disinfection products for 10 years
  • Provide three certificates for free
  • Free to help customers design product architecture and product planning
  • Provide free market planning consultation
  • Paid packaging design services
  • Free raw material, formula, packaging, manufacturing technology consultation
  • Logistics and distribution services to ensure fast and safe delivery of products

5000 medical institutions choose Lifeng disinfectant

Available in major medical institutions and pharmacies

Three high-quality services

Gold Medal Service One
Strict agency system
Strict agency system,
Effectively prevent cross-linking of goods,
Ensure that the agents operate the local market without any worries.
Give customers professional market analysis and advice.
Gold Medal Service Two
Sales price support
The manufacturer implements a national uniform price,
Formulate the corresponding agency price, distribution price, and retail price,
Ensure that the price chain is reasonable and smooth.
Fully protect the interests of customers.
Gold Medal Service Three
Channel sales coaching
Professional channel analysis team,
Manufacturers will work out corresponding plans according to different market conditions,
Send company business personnel to cooperate with agents to develop the market,
Give customers one-on-one sales counseling.

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Medical alcohol manufacturer
Guilin Lifeng Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. has been committed to building a brand in the disinfectant industry for ten years. It has a 100,000-level standard clean production workshop and two automated production lines with a daily output of 100,000 bottles. It has the ability to produce all disinfectants. The main disinfectants are: Medical alcohol, 84 disinfectant, iodophor disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide), prostaglandin, glutaraldehyde disinfectant, etc.
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