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Dedicated to disinfection products for ten years

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A problem that can’t be ignored to get beriberi, don’t forget the step of footwear spray [Lifeng disinfection]

Do you think your feet are no longer itchy, and athlete's foot is really better? Don't forget the importance of footwear spray!

The most common symptoms of athlete’s foot are generally itchy skin, blisters, peeling, erythema, skin keratosis, etc., which are easily confused with eczema, palm and toe pustulosis, etc., and it is best to be diagnosed by a professional doctor in a regular hospital. A microscopic examination of the fungus, using a microscope to see if there are hyphae, spores, and their morphological quantity will be more conducive to the treatment of athlete's foot.

Athlete’s foot is not a difficult disease to treat. The fungus only invades the thin stratum corneum of the skin. The topical antifungal drugs can easily penetrate and kill all the infected fungus. Athlete’s foot is just fine; however, athlete’s foot is also a very serious disease. Incurable diseases, because the standardized medication requires that the application of antifungal drugs be used for four weeks, many people apply it for a week, but they don’t apply it if they feel that their feet are not itchy, and the footwear spray is not sprayed. In fact, this is a mistake. way of doing. The beriberi was cured but the roots were not removed. After a few days, the fungus lurking under the skin started to move again, and the beriberi recurred.

There is also a situation that is easily overlooked. Some people treat beriberi by applying medicine to their feet, neglecting the daily sterilization of slippers, socks, and shoes. People who are infected with beriberi often have a lot of fungus on shoes and socks. These fungi are removed, and in turn they will return to the feet to take root, allowing athlete's foot to recur again. Of course, fungi are also present in large quantities in the air. Some people are susceptible to fungi. The same environment is more likely to get athlete's foot than others.


Lifeng brand shoe and socks spray has a sterilization rate of 99.99%, effectively inhibiting the growth of fungi, spray every day, confident all day!

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